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Quality Management Policy

ISO: 9001:2008

“Agios Charalambos” (AX) Mental Health Clinic has an important presence in the field of mental health and takes pride in its many years of experience in the hospitalization – but also hospitality – of patients suffering from disorders such as psychotic and affective disorders, dementia and other cognitive impairments, deliria, eating disorders and disorders of dependence.

AX Clinic aims to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by:

  • Promptly and systematically covering the needs of its patients.
  • Providing high quality services, established by continuous inspections and monitoring.
  • Complying with the European General Data Protection Regulations.
  • Promoting mental health focused on the patients, while recognizing and respecting their human rights during acute episodes, but also longer term.

In our endeavour to achieve these objectives we:

  • Follow a quality management system that complies with the international standards defined by ISO 9001:2015, which apply to the entire management of the organization and to all procedures that affect the quality of the services offered, including patient satisfaction.
  • Regularly monitor our objectives and evaluate the level of target achievement, as a part of the annual Administration Review of the Quality Management System.
  • Recognize and provide all the necessary resources and means to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the organization.
  • Create a technologically modern and professionally suitable work environment. 
  • Invest in continuous education and training of our employees, for the promotion of quality 
  • Continually measure and monitor, through audit critical parameters and operations, to ensure that our facilities, services and staff comply with the procedures focused on quality and security.