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Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to offer medical, psychological and social support to others in need or going through a difficult phase of life, and to successfully treat mental illness. We focus on the responsible and patient-centered promotion of mental health, recognizing the patients’ human rights during acute phases, but also after treatment, during their reintegration to their local community.

Each patient’s personalized intensive treatment aims at addressing acute mental health and behavioral disorders, enhancing a positive perspective, teaching coping techniques for decision making in everyday life, and empowering patients to lead an independent life.

Our therapeutic plans aim at helping users of our services come to terms with mental illness.

Mental health professionals working in AX Mental Health Clinic are trained to evaluate the psychological phase of patients, to assess their mental state and to design and implement effective therapeutic plans both for the acute and long-term management of our patients. Over and above the psychiatric input, AX Mental Health Clinic provides psychological support, via individual or group psychotherapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and personalized psycho-education in symptom recognition and management.

Prior to discharge, we design, together with our patients, their medium and long-term rehabilitation plan, to ensure social reintegration to each individual’s highest potential.

We offer the care we would like to receive and we do so with integrity, honesty and respect for each patient’s personality. Health is a right to all and access to our services is open for those who wish to have it.

Contact AX Mental Health Clinic if you suffer from psychological problems, in case you have a disorder that affects your thinking, your feelings, your mood, your ability to communicate with others or the way you daily function

Contact us by email ( or by calling +30 2810 232401