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In-Patient Care, Agios Charalambos Mental Health Clinic

In-patient Care

Some patients require a more intensive or structured approach to their treatment or need to stay away from the day-to-day situations that contribute to their condition. Other patients require treatment that can only be provided in an in-patient setting.

In-patients participate in the day-long therapeutic programme and benefit from our 24/7 care. During the in-patient stay, progress towards recovery is accelerated by continuous input from members of our multidisciplinary team.

Before in-patient admission

Most patients admitted for in-patient treatment are referred to AX Clinic by their psychiatrist, another mental health professional, or their General Physician (GP). However, many patients and/or their families self-refer, especially for attending programmes such as our alcohol-detox programme.

Please refer to our webpage on arranging a doctor’s referral or alternatively a self referral 

Arranging a Doctor’s Referral

Initiate a Self-Referral

Once we receive the referral, each individual is assigned to one of our consultant psychiatrists. We will schedule an initial evaluation promptly, at a mutually convenient time. During this first appointment,treatment options will be discussed and a personalized therapeutic plan will be agreed upon.

What to expect from in-patient treatment

Your consultant may recommend that you be admitted to the clinic to start a treatment for your mental health problems. An appointment for admission will be set up and information will be provided on the list of items necessary to make your stay more comfortable.

Upon arrival for admission, you will be assigned to a primary carer who will be in charge of coordinating your care plan. She/he will be your main point of contact for any questions or concerns that may arise. They are always available to discuss, in complete confidentiality, any concerns or issues you may wish to draw attention to.

You can expect to have one-to-one sessions with your care coordinator upto three times a week and as required.

Participation in the therapeutic group programme, running throughout the day, will be tailored according to your needs and agreed upon before the beginning of each implementation. During your stay in one of our en-suite rooms, you will also be allocated quite time to spend alone, and one-to-one sessions with our consultant psychiatrists and/or psychotherapists.

All meals are served in the main dining room, where buffet menus are served five times a day. Our chefs are, however, happy to cater for special dietary needs following a personalized dietary plan agreed upon between our dietician and the patient.

Our facilities include a well-cared for garden, a lounge with television and a library, offering space for mindful relaxation and self empowerment. Physiotherapy sessions take place indoors, either in a group or individually, and in the form of outdoor games in our beautiful garden. Visitors are welcome during specific times during the week, upon prior arrangement with the care coordinator and given the current restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental state and behavioral changes are continuously monitored and reflected in the medication or treatment plan. Adjustments are implemented on a required basis, as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Discharge from the in-patient setting and aftercare are agreed with the patient and their next of kin once the in-patient treatment goals have been achieved. 

Safety during your stay

Observations take place 24/7 and, depending on mental state, monitoring rules are set. AX Clinic treats both formal and informal in-patients. Leaves, in the form of outings to the local community or day trips of cultural interest, are permitted following multidisciplinary team discussions.

The nursing staff and the multidisciplinary team will conduct regular assessments with you to identify any risk factors that may affect you during your stay. These assessments may result in the need for closer monitoring. These observations take place during the day and night. Please remember that the team is only concerned about your well-being, so talk to them about their advice.

What to bring with you

Psychiatric or other medication is provided by the Clinic. However, if you take any non-prescribed, over-the-counter medications, please hand them in to our team. 

Alcohol and illegal substances are strictly forbidden in AX clinic premises.


Please bring casual clothes, including sweatpants and comfortable shoes, to feel comfortable during your stay. You will need to bring personal toiletries.

We have a patient laundry that you can use during your stay. Please contact the AX Clinic’s accounting department for information on additional charges.


Personal possessions

We discourage you from bringing valuables to the Clinic. You are advised that items, such as mobile phones, laptops and wallets are to be handed in to the Clinic’s staff and not to be left unattended in your room. AX Clinic regrets that they cannot be held responsible for any loss of valuables.

Upon admission, a personal search and a search of your belongings usually takes place for safety reasons.

Meals and Food

Visitors are asked not to bring food for patients due to Health and Safety regulations (EN ISO 22000:2015). Our kitchen will endeavour to accommodate your meal requests and can order special foods on request – additional charges may apply.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please discuss them with the Clinic’s Dietician.


Although patients are expected to participate in the Clinic’s programme during the week, visitors are always welcome. Your family and friends can arrange their visit with the head nurse. Visitors without an appointment are not allowed.

Visitors should contact the nursing team prior to their arrival to ensure that they understand any restrictions or requirements that apply. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when protecting our patients is a top priority.

Visitors should check-in at reception on arrival. Children are welcome, but we ask that they are under adult supervision at all times and remain in designated visitor areas.

Discharge from AX Clinic

After your in-patient stay, it may be appropriate for you to be referred to our day care programme or to continue your contact with your psychiatrist or therapist through out-patient appointments. This will all be discussed with you as part of the discharge process.

We offer a 24-hour helpline for our patients. This service is staffed by our nurses and is available to you if you need urgent support.


After your in-patient stay, it may be appropriate for you to be referred to our day care programme or to continue contact with your psychiatrist or therapist through outpatient appointments. This will all be discussed with you as part of the discharge process.

We offer a 24-hour helpline for our patients. This service is staffed by our nurses and is available to you if you need urgent support.