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Food Safety Management

ISO: 22000:2018

The main principle and commitment of “Agios Charalambos” Mental Health Clinic’s food & beverage department, as well as the staff’s philosophy, is to provide safe and certified products to patients.


To achieve this objective, the following principles are established:

  1. A Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is established, in compliance with international standards defined by ISO 22000:2018.
  2. AX Clinic complies with legal and regulatory requirements on food safety.
  3. Preparation areas are daily cleaned and disinfected before and after meals.
  4. Realistic and determined objectives are defined, regarding the food safety policy, to improve and update the existing practices.
  5. AX Clinic honestly collaborates with supervisory authorities and other members of the food supply network, to protect the final consumer.
  6. Food safety policy is regularly reviewed and its appropriateness is continuously evaluated.
  7. We investin continuous training andfurther education of employees in all relevant procedures
  8. Critical parameters and operations are measured, monitored and evaluated to ensure food safety.
  9. A risk management system regarding a possible food safety crisis has been established, and any non-compliant products are immediately disposed of or returned.
  10. FSMS focuses on the protection of the environment and on defending employees’ ethical and moral rights.
  11. AX Clinic collaborates with reliable suppliers, annually evaluates them and regularly encourages them to improve their services.
  12. AX Clinic’s Quality Control department operates efficiently.
  13. All necessary products are made available upon request
  14. FSMS operators are encouraged to keep up-to-date with current technological changes and current National and International legislation.