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Environmental Management Policy

ISO: 14001:2015

The board and staff of AX Mental Health Clinic are committed to both the protection of the environment and the reduction of the impact that the organization’s services may have, while always complying with the national legislation.

AX Clinic’s environmental policy aims at minimizing the impact of its services by complying with the following principles:

  • Promotion of the use of recyclable materials
  • Reduction in the consumption of energy and natural resources 
  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Use of environmentally friendly equipment
  • Collaboration with contactors that follow Environmental Policies.


In order to meet the above mentioned goals, AX Mental Health Clinic:

  • Has implemented an environmental management system that complies with international standards defined by ISO 14001:2015 and applies to environmental parameters of the Clinic. The Environmental Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through internal inspections and evaluations.
  • Provides sufficient resources for the environmental management, such as technical knowledge, proper equipment, trained and skilled employees.
  • Defines environmental goals, whose implementation is regularly reviewed and evaluated. At the same time, indicators and critical parameters are evaluated, to reduce the possible negative impact of AX Clinic’s services.


Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of AX Clinic and its Environmental Management System, as well as compliance with national environment legislation is driven by an active participation and support from the whole staff. 

TUV Environmental Management System AX Mental Health Clinic

Management System as per EN ISO 14001 : 2015

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